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    Some servers Ip addresses are renewed! Update your favorites: | HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 Public [EU] | cs.hl2go.com:27015 | HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [EU] | cs.hl2go.com:27016 | HL2GO.COM - War3FT CSDM [EU] | cs.hl2go.com:27017 | HL2GO.COM - Only Assault Public [EU] | cs2.hl2go.com:27015 | HL2GO.COM - GunGame [EU] | cs2.hl2go.com:27016 | HL2GO.COM - GunGame Teamplay [EU] | cs2.hl2go.com:27017 | HL2GO.COM - Base Builder Server [EU] | cs3.hl2go.com:27015 | HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 CSDM [EU] | cs3.hl2go.com:27016 | HL2GO.COM - DeathRun Server [EU] | cs3.hl2go.com:27017 | HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2x2 Public [EU] | cs4.hl2go.com:27015 | HL2GO.COM - ZP SPECIAL [EU] | cs4.hl2go.com:27016 | HL2GO.COM - Small Maps Public [EU] | cs4.hl2go.com:27017 | HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 Public [CA] | csca.hl2go.com:27015 | HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 CSDM [CA] | csca.hl2go.com:27016 | HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [CA] | csca.hl2go.com:27017
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    Me dieron ban local de HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 CSDM [CA] Y no se porque cuando entró a la consola a ver no me dice el porque o cuanto tiempo, no se ingles, desbaneenme
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    Thabks for reporting him. We will keep an eye on him. Next time it will be much easier if you also provide the proof supporting your claims, such as demos, videos or screenshots files. Join our official discord server for a quicker response: https://discord.gg/rywKcT7Stz
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    killing essa is against the server rules,so yes u violated
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    true.. i didnt like that. and ur ban stays.. good luck with that.
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    THE ADMIN ESSA SIMPLE DONT LIKED ME AND GIVE ME A PERMANENT BAN! https://www9.zippyshare.com/v/c2G0K8yN/file.html
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    si quiere ser unbaneado debe subir la demo este nombre tiene hl2go_dust2_dm.dem asi se llama la demo del server
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    buenas noches,fui baneado por supuestos hacks y NO tengo hacks njd |||Nickname:XJUANX >:V:< |||SteamID:VALVE_6:0:642488080 |||Steam Community ID:76561199245241888 |||IP address:hidden |||Ban type:SteamID |||Reason:Cheating. |||nvoked on:11. Apr 2021 - 11:44:54 |||Ban length:Permanent |||Expires on:Not applicable |||Banned by:Edd |||Banned on:HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 CSDM [CA] (de_dust2) demo:https://www.mediafire.com/file/pd2c9w0ite8gyc6/Demo.rar/file pd: nose si es mi pc o la demo pero al principio de la demo se ve como bugeada
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