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Unfair ban ( Reuploading thread with DEMO ) Ignore the previous ones

Last updated on 17 days ago
Posted 17 days ago
I got banned unfairly from the Base builder server because I found out that the VIPs were abusing their powers. There were two VIPs named VZ and Lost and one more random guy, stacked 3 in a layered base, because according to the BB rules and in most servers , only one is allowed inside a layered base, this is because only one zm can go in at a time. When I pointed out the mistake the VIPs were not replying nor reviving the player who didn't build the base. I built a slow base in the next round (which I agree was wrong), and when I pointed out their mistake , the VIP named "Lost" banned me for one day and the reason alone is the proof that shows he is abusing his VIP powers. Even if the rules are different in the server, instead of banning me, the TWO vips should have said that its allowed in "hl2go BB server", but instead he decided to ban.

They should have explained before banning. You can't just go around banning players just because you have the power. I am playing in this server for a very long time.

||| You are banned
||| Nick: bruh
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43681906
||| By admin: Lost
||| Reason: do report dumb shit
||| Ban created: 06.09.2021 - 21:33:10
||| For length: 1 day
||| On: HL2GO.COM - Base Builder Server [EU] (bb_base_b3)
||| Time left: 1 day
||| Will expire: 07.09.2021 - 21:33:10
||| For Unban Appeal: hl2go.com
Kicked by Console: "You are banned. Check Your console."
Kicked :"You are banned. Check Your console."
crisscross1994 attached the following file:
hl2go_basebuilder.rar [3.2MB / 43 Downloads]
Junior Member
Posted 17 days ago
Oh boy, where to start. Let me put it as simple as I can for those who haven't checked the demo:

For Lost, VZ, Loukmane and bruh
First of all, the base they were in, was a 2x layer base, the block at the end makes zombies stuck with each other, so therefore it is considered as a 2x layer base and since it has more than 1 layer, only 1 player is allowed. 1 layer = 3 player, +2 layers = 1 player. This player "bruh" was right, and admins should have either revived themselves or destroy the base. This is a negative point already for the 2 admins and player included in this report, they didn't admit they were wrong (guess they didn't know or simply didn't care) and ignored the player.

Second of all, slow base isn't allowed but still you decided to make one, guess you were just mad that admins weren't following the rules, but you already admitted it so I'll let it go. You need to work on your attitude to evade future problems, you tend to swear too much, if you see that something off is going on, don't even bother yourself by insulting or swearing, simply just report them, as every player should wisely do.

Lost, you cannot just ban players that accuse you for X or Y reason, all players have the right to complain about what they see, and if you saw that he was being impolite or abusive (since he was swearing at the 3 of you, and this is something you need to improve "bruh" because we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour) you could have simply gagged him, if he continued by spamming admin chat or reconnecting to the server, then the ban was the ideal option to apply. I did not see a clear reason on why he should have been banned in the first place without any warnings or so. Also, please try not to put any abusive reason in the bans you apply, since it tends to ruin your image and it's just a pretty dumb thing to do in my POV.

To finish this thread, since both parts did break the rules and did wrong in this situation, I'll be fair with both and decide what is optimal for this case. I'll be keeping an eye on you guys for further situations that happen in the BB server, the ban will be removed. Hope this works as a warning for the next time that a similar situation like this happens, I won't be as soft as I'm being right now.
If any of you guys have a question or think that I'm being unfair in this particular case, then let me know.

Discord: NeYo┬ž#7111
Edited by ArTiCC on 07-09-2021 11:23, 17 days ago
Posted 17 days ago
I am sorry that my behaviour was rude, I was polite first , but when the admins were not responding or taking any actions, it's was then I started using swear words out of frustration. I know I am wrong in that part, it wont happen again.
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