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Banned me while there was another hacker in game.

Last updated on 2 months ago

Poll: Is the admin right or not?

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Posted 2 months ago
Mr.Freeman banned me cuz for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to ban the one who was saving the server from the hackers, i dont want to get unbanned cuz i dont care bout this game anymore, but next time ban the other hacker before the one trying to save the server, i only killed the opposite team like 1 or 2 rounds, chasing his stupid head, and then ofc im curious to see if he banned the other guy i got another IP adress and BOOM, he was still hacking... idk whether it was his friend or not but yall admins gotta take over this situation i had even people that were cheering me to kill that hacker and like 2 guys told the admin who was the hacker and he still banned me, King was the guys name who said there was another hacker to be taken care of, but noo Freeman SURELY didnt see that.

GOOD JOB, again i dont care if i get unabnned or not i can simply use a VPN or completely change my address to rejoin there BUT i will never join in a server that hates HEROES. Yes i got what i deserved but the other hacker didnt get what he deserved, and for that the admin should be removed. i clearly told everyone, im sorry guys im gonna use hacks until the hacker leaves OR HE GETS BANNED also im just gonna target the hacker im sorry if i kill you.
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