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Report admin or player

Complaints about bad players or admins in servers
3 posts | Last Activity on 12-06-2021 03:55 by Zenu
Zenu 12-06-2021 03:55, 2 days ago
Re: [KZL]**CamiLa** slayed for no reason
This guy [KZL]**CamiLa** slayed a player for no reason.(I assume because he was dead in a no-respawn round and didn't want to wait for the round to finish).

second abuse in less than an hour (third if you count changing maps without vote/options/before rtv)

I'm assuming since zm special server has few players and even fewer admins, this guy just does whatever he wants.

demo: (2 links, same demo file)


Zenu 12-06-2021 03:19, 2 days ago
Re: banned by [KZL]**CamiLa** cause i killed him in zm special
I got banned by [KZL]**CamiLa** cause i killed him in zm special.

as far as I know I didn't break any law

P.S he keeps changing to his favorite map every time he shows up without even starting a vote or waiting for the current map to get passed "rtv" time limit.

demo: (2 links, same demo file)


MiXFiXMiXFiX 02-05-2021 21:11, 1 month ago
Re: Tutorial: report an admin or a player
Read tutorial here: https://hl2go.com/articles/2/How-to-r...r-a-player
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